The Spatial Audio Designer (SAD) is the market leading high-performance pro audio tool for creating content and monitoring in surround and 3D. Users are e.g. movies, music, game, VR, events and industry.

The SAD enables the mixing and monitoring of any immersive (surround or 3D) format with speakers or regular headphones with any DAW.

Independently of the host DAW bus structures, the SAD enables the monitoring and mixing of all current and future audio formats. Stereo, 5.1, 7.1, Dolby Atmos 7.1.2 Bed, 11.1 and 22.2 are just a mouse click away from each other. If no appropriate loudspeaker system is available, the SAD provides the high quality, flexible and personally adjustable Headphone Surround 3D binaural loudspeaker virtualization for standard headphones.

Furthermore, the SAD can import panning and volume automation data. Hence, an existing multi-channel 5.1 mix session is just minutes away from being a discrete 7.1 mix and maybe a day of evolving to a 3D audio mix for cinema, home, 360/VR or mobile entertainment application.

For exhibition and event applications, the SAD is also available in unique configurations to mix with format independent loudspeaker arrays.

Besides all this, the Headphone Surround 3D technology (high quality binaural simulation) of the Spatial Audio Designer opens the door into a whole new dimension of audio production. Format independent mixes with multiple virtual loudspeaker arrays using all three dimensions and different locations at the same time can be built in one go. It is now possible to create music, film, radio-play, game and head-locked VR music and audio mixes with a sound like never heard before.

Features Vers. 2.5 (Free version 3.0 upgrade available soon).

  • Plug-in for any professional application such as music, film, game, sound design, VR/360 and multimedia.
  • Mixing and monitoring with real loudspeakers and common headphones.
  • All common 2D audio formats like stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 are available.
  • Support for all current and future 3D channel layouts (formats) like IMAX, 2+2+2+2, Dolby Atmos, MPEG-H, Auro-3D, DTS:X and 22.2.
  • Custom channel layouts are possible by users or on demand for presentations and special venues.
  • Unlimited amount of input sources usable.
  • Up to 330 outputs available
  • Advanced output monitoring and calibration for any format
  • Flexible OSC I/O interface
  • Object export (audio and metadata) of complete mixes
  • Offline export of object exports to any channel format
  • Independent of the host bus structure => works in stereo audio and some video workstations too.
  • Import of DAW (digital audio workstaion) automation data.
  • Support of the Eucon protocol for hardware controller access.
  • Licencing to computer hardware and/or standard USB stick (no special dongle).
  • HP3D (high-end binaural processing by New Audio Technology) at its best.
  • Sampling rates: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz. 88.2 kHz and higher are possible but not guaranteed. Depends on host DAW, OS and system.
  • Complete MPEG-H authoring, monitoring and export.
  • Virtual busses (enable mixing different formats at the same time)
  • Auto routing => modules are connected instandly
  • Host track name takeover in certain DAW versions.
  • All Dolby Atmos bed channel array configurations.
  • Panner GUI in Send module (source track module)
  • Scalable GUI.
  • Collapsing editing boxes.
  • Enhanced processing to save CPU consumption.
  • Retina display support.
  • I/O level display in the Send modules.
  • Send level display.
  • Enhanced mouse over parameter display and editing.
  • Processing sync indicator.
  • Internal buffer size management.

The “In-One” Version of the Spatial Audio Designer is a version of the Plug-in that is suited to address monitoring needs. That means that the user is enabled to have the headphone virtualization for monitoring purposes, but not all panning and routing options. If you want to “create” rather than “monitor” you must likely want to have a look at the Virtual Producer or greater licenses. The In-One license is also included in the SAD Producer and Producer Plus license. The In-One do not support MPEG-H creation!

How to upgrade.


Film Stage: € 1.349,00
Producer Plus multi-user license.

Producer plus: € 389,00
Full Plug-in suite with up to 330 outputs.

Producer:  € 289,00 
Plug-in suite with eight discrete channel outputs

Virtual Producer:  € 189,00 
Plug-in suite for binaural processing (Headphone Surround 3D).

In-One:  € 89,00 (Included in Producer versions).
Standalone, limited to 8 inputs and binaural processing (Headphone Surround 3D).

System requirements

Intel Mac PC with 2 GHz Dual2Core Processor or better.
Mac OS X 10.9 – 10.15
2GB min., 4GB or more suggested.

64 Bit Host Application

Intel PC with 2 GHz Dual2Core processor or better
Windows 7 – 10
2GB min., 4GB or more suggested.

64 Bit Host Application


AAX, AU, VST 2&3

Tested with these DAWs:

  • Pro Tools 2020 (Mac & Windows)
  • Cubase 10.5 / Nuendo 10.0
  • LogiX 10.4
  • Samplitude / Sequoia
  • Ableton Live 10 (AU)
  • Pyramix
  • Studio One (AU)
  • Cakewalk SONAR X3
  • Audition 2020 (Mac)
  • Reaper 5.9 (Mac & Win)