Music Production

Our software applications offers all what a music producer need for future audio entertainment – the experience of a new audio dimension. With our professional plug-ins like the Spatial Audio Designer content can be created for every format in the market. From old school “mono” and “stereo” to immersive audio “surround” and 3D audio like 11.1 and 22.2 to current object-based formats… your imagination is the limit.

Create sophisticated multichannel surround or 3D / immersive music productions. No matter if you are in a huge professional studio environment, a small project studio or on the go.

On the consumption side, we provide not only the possibility to address physical speakers, but also to use high quality virtual (binaural) loudspeaker simulations with regular headphones.


For content creators we offer a huge leap forward in the production process. Sound designers and film music producers can create and monitor all the new 3D / immersive channel and object-based formats using current professional workflows with our tools, the Spatial Audio Designer and the Spatial Sound Card Pro. No matter where you need to create – in a huge professional studio environment, a small editing suite or on the go. All current formats are one click away and makes editing and monitoring of immersive audio a breeze.


With the Spatial Sound Card we also offer the standard for immersive game audio and VR /AR audio production using regular headphones. Many post production fascillities still us it generally for a much better and realistically monitoring of positional game audio experience. It’s simply a virtual software sound card what becomes to be the standard audio device of your computer.

The Spatial Audio Designer is a professional plug-in what supports immersive audio content creation in any DAW. Very straight forward, producers can apply to any requested channel and some new object based formats just by a mouse click.