With our consumer applications like the Spatial Sound Card the listener can enjoy movies in a new audio dimension. A DVD or media file with surround sound on the go while using virtual loudspeaker systems on a laptop with standard headphones? Yes, the future is here…

For content creators we offer a huge leap forward in the production process. Sound designers and film music producers can create and monitor all the new 3D / immersive channel and object-based formats using current professional workflows and software like the Spatial Audio Designer and the Spatial Sound Card Pro. No matter where you need to create – in a huge professional studio environment, a small editing suite or on the go. All current formats are one click away and makes editing and monitoring immersive audio a breeze.


With the Spatial Sound Card we also offer the standard for immersive game play and VR /AR audio using standard headphones. Many players still use it generally for a much more emotional and more precise positional game audio experience. It’s simply a virtual software sound card what becomes to be the standard audio device of your computer.