Create The Audio Content Of The Future.

From content creation to distribution, from entertainment to industrial application – our technology offers a broad range of possible applications. We provide the market leading software production tools for surround, 3D / immersive and VR / AR content creation and monitoring.

Our technology allows to mix, process and distribute an infinite count of audio signals for loudspeaker setups of arbitrary complexity. These setups may either consist of real or binaural virtualized loudspeakers. The sources for audio signals are unlimited. Any audio output may feed them for example, media players, game engines or audio and video editing applications.

We developed our technology for efficient CPU usage as one of the prime objectives. Hence a wide range of applications can benefit from our products. Professional video and audio editing software, game engines, media players and mobile apps, just to name a few.

Our binaural loudspeaker virtualization is called Headphone Surround 3D. This technology allows to listen to any loudspeaker configuration in any room, say renowned mixing studios, cinemas, home environments and film mixing stages (dub stages) with standard stereo headphones. The listening experience comes very close to really “being there“. For example, an audio producer can work on complex mixes while he is on the road or under the restraints of an editing suite. Headphone Surround 3D also allows customers to enjoy their DVD and Blu-ray collection as if sitting in a large movie theatre. Or listen to iTunes songs like they would sound in an expensive recording studio.

Our technology has been designed for future applications in mind. There are no restrictions regarding the amount of objects and loudspeaker channels, the only – and negligible – exception being the processing power provided by the CPU. Thanks to Headphone Surround 3D every sound format can be used whenever and wherever needed. The only device required are standard stereo headphones. And those will be around for generations.

We are a team of experienced and awarded multichannel audio producers and top skilled developers. Therefore, our tools fulfil the highest demands and easy integrate in professional environments and workflows.  Our software tools demand a minimum of CPU consumption, offers maximumn user experience and provide an outstanding sound quality. 

From professional workflows to editing, to distribution. Our products are used for a wide range of applications for:

Professional Usage

Consumer Products

Industrial Applications

Technology Licensing